Thursday, May 21, 2015

Kid Oki - Work

This is a smacker right here . Download Work NOW Click here

Sunday, May 17, 2015


Up-and-coming rapper CHINX was killed in a drive-by shooting in Queens, New York early Sunday, a police source said.Lionel Pickens, 31, who goes by the stage name Chinx, was shot multiple times and a 27-year-old passenger in the Porsche was hit twice in the back about 4 a.m. as they traveled on Queens Blvd. at 84th Dr. in Briarwood, cops said.The shooter sped off while the victim's silver Porsche Panamera 4 came to a stop about a block down the street in front of a Dunkin' Donuts. At least seven bullet holes pierced the front and rear driver-side windows.An employee at the coffee shop said Pickens looked lifeless in the driver seat when cops arrived at the scene.The police came and they opened up the door," said Bibekanada Das, who was working in the kitchen when the shooting occurred. 
"All you could see was the guy laid out in the seat."
Emergency responders rushed both victims to Jamaica Hospital, where Pickens died and the younger man was listed in critical but stable condition, police said.Pickens performed hours before the fatal shooting at Club Red Wolf in Brooklyn, his Twitter page indicated.In 2009, Pickens released his first solo album, "Hurry Up & Die Vol. 1: Get Ya Casket On." He is a member of French Montana's Coke Boys group and record label.His Label and managers posted a picture of the rapper on Instagram and mourned his death.

“It is with a heavy heart that the Legion Media Group and 4 Kings Management announce the passing of Lionel ‘Chinx’ Pickens this morning,” an Instagram post by the Legion Media Group said. “Chinx’s dedication, humor and vision will always be remembered.”After the killing, an Instagram account with the tagline “gang worldwide” bragged about gunning down the rapper. The Teamshabbaofficial Instagram account posted pictures of guns and a photo of the bullet ridden Porsche.But the Teamshabbaofficial page appears to be based in Sweden, according to a report.

From Left Khloe Kardashian, Nicki Minaj, French Montanna , & Chinx who was pronounced dead on May 17th 2015 . R.I.P Chinx .

Friday, May 15, 2015

B.B King Dies At a Age 89

The legendary B. B. King, whose world-weary voice and wailing guitar lifted him from the cotton fields of Mississippi to a global stage and the apex of American blues, died Thursday in Las Vegas. He was 89.

His death was reported early Friday by The Associated Press, citing his lawyer, Brent Bryson, and by CNN, citing his daughter, Patty King.

Mr. King married country blues to big-city rhythms and created a sound instantly recognizable to millions: a stinging guitar with a shimmering vibrato, notes that coiled and leapt like an animal, and a voice that groaned and bent with the weight of lust, longing and lost love.

“I wanted to connect my guitar to human emotions,” Mr. King said in his autobiography, “Blues All Around Me” (1996), written with David Ritz.

Your legacy lives on through your music. R.I.P to B.B. King Blue icon . 

Tuesday, May 12, 2015

Lil Drawz

HIPHOPSWAGGA Caught up with Lil Drawz to discuss his upcoming movie "My Big Cuzzin" with Curtis Snow of "Snow On Tha Bluff. It will soon be released on TrapFlix. We also talked about his Cd ,and other projects in the making. Special thanks & shout out to USA Jeans Clothing Store .

Saturday, April 11, 2015

Joe Moses -Behind The Scene's Brackin Promo

Once again links up with none other then JOE MOSES of AOB. Never before seen behind the scene footage of Moeses and his squad during a videoshoot for a song off his upcoming album #BRACKIN. Its evident that the streets are anxiously awaiting the release of Brackin, set to drop Spring of 2015. This sunny day in California was full of laughter , and fun as Moses and his crew celebrated life while working on a video at the same time. Close friends , and business associates were in attendance, and everyone showed love.

Sunday, March 29, 2015


Straight from Canada by way of ATL, Verletta hits us with her latest REMIX FROM K CAMPS "Money Baby" . Her fresh and virbant sound captures you from the start.  Her music has a laid back chill vibe that you can ride to. Download this track , and add some flavor to your playlist.  Click the link above to download , and find out more info on Verletta.

Wednesday, March 11, 2015

Big Macc-I Need That

Our Featured Artist from Compton ,CA Big Macc released his new mixtape titled "THE AMERICAN DREAM. His latest single "I Need That" is rising up the charts with over 13K views on YouTube. Thats not even counting his views from being featured on World Star Hip Hop. With his Westcoast style Big Macc is surley boasting his way to the top. While touring in cities all over the world with Blac Owt, Big Macc has definitely created a buzz in the streets. With his skills and mind set we are almost certain that this won't be the last we hear of Big Macc.

Angie Stone Brutal Assault On Her Daughter

Angie Stone's daughter Diamond , definitely has a f*ucked up grill after the fight that got Angie arrested, but the reason her teeth fell out might be because she failed to get a root canal some years ago, instead of a hit from her mother.
Angie admitted to cops she did indeed hit Diamond with a metal jewelry stand in self defense. Diamond says the stand knocked out two of her teeth.
People close to Angie  say , the teeth fell out because they'd been rotting out of Diamond's mouth long before the fight. In fact, Diamond agree's  to her teeth being rotten but says -- "It don't matter if my teeth were rotten or not ... I could have gotten a root canal, but she finished the job." Reported TMZ. 
Diamond also disputes her mother's claim she was acting in self defense ,saying that the fight started with both women yelling,and says Angie grabbed the stand to threaten her. She claims it only got physical when she threatened to call cops.Diamond admits wrestling her mother to ground at that point, and says her brother had to break up the scrap. 

Angie was arrested and charged  here is her mug shot . 

Tuesday, March 10, 2015

Suge Knight's Deadly Hit & Run Full Video

Suge Knight drove to a Tam's Burgers in Compton where Dr. Dre was filming footage connected with the NWA movie, "Straight Outta Compton." Suge had been kicked out of another location shoot 20 minutes earlier that same night, and he claims he went to the burger joint to make peace with Dre.

Suge claims he was not trying to run either man over but instead was trying to escape out of fear he would be killed. Suge's lawyer claims Bone and Terry both had guns. Check out the video. As Bone lays on the ground you clearly see another man walk up, remove something from Bone and put it in his waistband.
Suge claims that multiple people in the crowd, including Terry Carter,were threatening to shoot him.

Seems like every time he gets into a situation he has an excuse for his reckless behavior. Will it fly this time in court?

Thursday, March 5, 2015

Chris Brown Baby Drama !

Chris Brown is the proud father of a 9-month-old baby girl ... HipHopSwagga has learned.
The baby's mother is a 31-year-old former model named Nia -- who we're told has known Chris for several years. Seen in the picture below. 

People connected to both Nia and Chris tell us they are on very good terms ,however they're not together romantically. We're told 25-year-old Chris is happy about being a father.
It does not appear there is a formal child support order in place ,and we do not know the nature of any informal terms of support as of yet.

We did learn that Nia named the kid Royalty. What we don't know ... whether she consulted Chris before inking the birth certificate. Chris and Nia got it on summer of 2013 and she gave birth 9 months ago. As we reported, Karrueche was blindsided ... she had no idea until minutes before It was blasted all over the Internet .
As for Chris' involvement ,we're told he calls Nia regularly and now says he wants to openly participate in raising the baby. Nia and Royalty live in Texas, and Chris says he'll gladly fly there regularly to parent her.

Tuesday, March 3, 2015

Joe Moses - BRACKIN

Presale copies will be available April 1st hard copies will be released on April 24th 2015 ! Be on the look out for it ! The first 200 people get the album $50 get private concert ticket with your CD . 

Friday, February 27, 2015

Nipsey Hussle & Yo Gotti Cover Respect Magazine

RESPECT magazine just unveiled their new cover for their 21st issue, and they've tapped two of hip-hop's street hustlers-turned-business men, Nipsey Hussle and Yo Gotti.
The magazine will focus on how they turned their street savvyness into an CEO position. The issue will also feature content from DrakeBig SeanNicki MinajNas and more. Congrats to them both on their major accomplishments. 

Wednesday, February 25, 2015

Big Sean Claims He Can Body Anyone On A Song

Tuesday, February 24, 2015

Amber Rose Vs Wiz Khalifa Custody Battle

Amber Rose and Wiz Khalifa are having an ongoing public custody battle that really doesnt look good for either side. Both are claiming that neither are fit to be parents. Wiz was caught by TMZ stumbling out of a Hollywood club as loaded as a U.S. Army gun around 2am .Heres a clip of his interaction with TMZ's camera guy.

On the other hand Amber can be seen all across the world Twerking here & there. It seems as if there's no end to twerkin nature ,even if she is a mom now. Is this the proper conduct of a mother that is trying to prove that she's fit to be a mother or nah ? HHS will let you decide. To be fair below is a clip of Amber doing what she does best. Who is fit to be the better parent? Feel free to comment below.