Thursday, December 17, 2009

Tiger Woods Has White Women Blues !

Kobe did it , Jordan did too, and now Tiger is getting his fair share of the white woman blues. When will these brotha's get it through their thick skulls. Lol a message to the NBA, NFL, NHL, the PGA & any other professional league out there. I think if yall wanna cheat , then yall should do it do it with a sista. Now let me start off by saying that I don't think it's right for any man to cheat on his wife for any reason. But, But, But ! If you ARE gonna cheat here are my top 5 Reasons Why You should Cheat w/a Sista

Reason # 1 - A sista is NOT gonna tell your dirty little secret no matter what. Why you ask? Cause she wants that money to keep rollin in. She don't wanna miss out on those late nights in 5 star suits baby.

Reason # 2- A sista does NOT want all of her business in the streets. She's probably hiding from a few people herself , and the last thing she needs is the media all up in her's. She wont tell a soul.

Reason # 3- A sista needs space she don't have time to be chasing after your ass, and if she's cheating with you and she knows that you have a wife then more then likely YOU are just another accessory. While you are home playing house with wifey, you can be damn sure she's getting hers in , Okay !

Reason # 4- A sista knows that after you have had sex with her once she's got you trapped. Blackmail ! Why would a sista ruin a good thing by snitching when she knows that she can always resort to blackmail and get stupid paid endorsement money,commercial money its a win win. She may pretend she's going to tell, but that's just her way of gettin to the money .

Reason # 5- A sista knows how to treat a REAL brotha period. A white women could never know or understand a black mans struggle in America.
Ok so those are my top 5 reason why you should never eva, eva ,eva cheat on your wife with a white women . What do you guys think? And do you think Tiger can bounce back after this. Lol its about 13 or 14 women claiming they slept with him. It's a damn shame. When will they learn ? Let this be a lesson . Just say NO to white women !

"That little pocket change he is negotiating with his wife right now, $55m to stay for 2 years or $5m to leave, is offensive. Tiger’s lucky he’s not negotiating with Kimora Lee", said Russell Simmons.


  1. funny joke @ russell simmons. at least i think he's joking. far as Tiger goes...a sista would eat dude alive. i have to admt that i was surprised by him sleeping with so many women. don't play with him! ha!

  2. no matter what race tiger game wasnt up to par! lol he shouldnt have treat'd every woman like wifey instead he should have treat'd them like side chicks aka booty calls i mean thats what they were anyway!!! smh he was simp'n/trick'n on every1 of them

  3. I loved this blog funny as hell , but true in sooo many ways.What can you expectfrom a man. Most men think with the wrong head anyhow, and it almost always gets them in a world of trouble. Tiger is no different nor is he special. He deserves whatever happens to him, if he gets cleaned out he gets cleaned. All is fair in love & war. Besides im a Lesbian, love my wifey we are open and honest with each other lol . Too bad men arent that smart !

  4. Tiger Tiger Tiger I have 7 words for you.
    You know you dont fucked up, right ?

  5. black females will do the same shit if anything theyll hustle harder because they have more of a reason i mean look at the video vixin she made her money off writing her book and still does off fkkn wit rich women then talking about it. honestly i could probably understand where tiger is coming from there i a lot of drama behind the black woman i have seen it with my neighbors and friends of different races i think he should have probably just chosen wiser ... maby one woman than stop but i guess he learnee what being greedy will get em... i wish other men would but maby not so harshly.

  6. This guys is a dumb fuck. Yeah he shoulda had his game tight, guess his Pimp game aint as strong as his golf game. Shoulda been focusing on his back hand bitch slap lol. Naw I say cheat with a sista too. But in Tigers case he shoulda just learned how to rent a nice lil porno, got some KY, beat his lil meat, to save himself the embarrasment and the dough. Dummy Dummy Dummy !