Friday, January 1, 2010

24/7 NEW Online Web Series !

Introducing "24/7 "a , HOT ! New online web series created by Chris ("Reelife" )Hodge and Jason Evans. The show is also written by Chris , and Jason two extremly talented guys. Blooming from Los Angeles, California these two guys are working to build their resume's with the creation of the show.

24/7 is a drama focused around three young men, living and going to college in L.A. After having spent their first year in the dorms Malakai, Ashley, and Mike decide to move into their own place only to have their lives rocked by the everyday drama of love, life, and school. 

Here is a little teaser before we go into more detail.

The web series has eight rotating characters ,and co-stars that will apprear in later shows. "24/7" has over 360 and fans that absolutely love this show. Chris and Jason plan on gaining as many fans as possible to eventually have more negotiating power with the networks as far as creative control goes when , and if the show gets picked up by a cable network. "Saw the teaser and ima bout to let everybody in my phone know to go check out the teaser today. Keep up the good work!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! ",said Baby T. A myspace fan of "24/7" . 

Here is the premier episode of "24/7" titled "Breakfast with Ashley "
Mike awakens to disturbing news, as Ashley and Malakai try to help him they best way they know how.

"24/7"Episode #2 - Ashley and Malakai try to cheer up Mike  after his break-up with a kickback. That is until Ashley encounters problems of her own. Be sure to check back frequently for updates. And vote on the show what did you think? Feedback and comments are  welcomed.

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  1. i see the efforts and im not one to hold anyone down ... but at the same time i feel the need to give constructive criticism... off top i understand the concept of what they are trying to convay but maby they should go a different route possibly the casting or the costume or the props ... everything looked kinda rugged and not too much pulled together i think the idea is great but how it was presented seemed under prepared. possibly more clothes for some of the actors and less speaking parts . when i first turned into it the man in the green shirt seemed to be drowning me and overdosing me all at once with his acting the one in the glasses couldnt convince me that he was a ladys man but yet he was able to pull two? well thats acceptable because it does happen in everyday life i think theres jus alot of holes hopefully next episode it could be filled overall i enjoyed the way the music was put into play and some of the la scenery was coo but kept wondering if it was a spoof of friday or other stereotypical black films.

  2. I like this show it has some potential. Im curious to see where they decide to go with the next show. The preview was good, and they had some good looks at L.A. I did feel like the guy in the green shirt was yellin a lil too much. Unless that is what they are going for they might wanna tone that down a bit. Overall I think its a great plot.

  3. Um well the first video was good looks like the intro to the show maybe with all the characters and stuff. Not too sure about the 2nd one.The characters seemed like they were reading scripts instead of acting. The guy with the stripe shirt drowned out everybody else. The female that broke up with old boy looks like a stud. Only sayin this cuz im a member of the lesbo crew and know 1 when I see one. No disrepect but to whoever did this show I would say go back to the drawing board and try again.