Thursday, January 7, 2010

Chris Breezy Not Feelin his own VIBE !

Apparently Chris Brown is mighty upset with the cover on the December 2009 issue of VIBE magazine. Poor Chris feels like the magazine used his little "situation" for their own gain."I think with the whole VIBE and the rebirth, I think it is a rebirth of me and showing people the new side of me, the music side, the talent and just the changed person," Brown told reporter Renada Romain. "I think with the actual VIBE cover, it was never supposed to be talked about like the cover they made. That wasn't what we discussed -- the shirt is actually just a plain black shirt and they stamped 'R U Still Down' on it, so the cover was supposed to be the rebirth cover of VIBE and the rebirth of Chris Brown. It was never supposed to be 'Everybody Hates Chris, Everybody Loves Drake' like, the type of thing like that. I kinda felt a certain way when they did it like that and they kinda told me one thing and they got it in writing, one thing, but then they did it another way...", said Chris.                                        

DRAKE  joined CHRIS BROWN on a split cover for the comeback issue of the Urban Entertainment magazine first started by Quincy Jones nearly fifteen years ago. After struggling financially and ultimately filing bankruptcy last spring, the magazine shut its doors in June. But new life came with a new deal, the decision to put their online content first and bringing in Jermaine Hall to run the revived book.

Here is a sneak peak  picture of Chris , to go along with the rest of the spread in the December 2009 Issue of VIBE, just in case you weren't able to pick up your own copy of the magazine. Honestly Im not sure If I like this new look he's doing . Gonna take alot for Breezy to bounce back. Seems like Chris catching a case of the "BREAKS ". While on the other hand Drake is getting his head pumped up right now.

So what do you guys think ? Did VIBE do Chris dirty with the cover on last months issue? Or is Mr.Brown just getting what he rightly deserves? Are you still down with Chris? casino free polls


  1. Lmao thats pretty fucked up what they did. Cant say that I feel sorry for him , hey shit happens that could have been anybody. The media is crazy. And will do anything for a sale or a story. Its a price you have to pay when you are in the "Lime Light".

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  3. I was surprised to find out that he didn't know how the cover was going to look before it was printed!

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  5. Yeah I think it was foul what they did to him. What people dont realize about Chris and every other celeb is that they are human. They make mistakes in life like everybody else. I dont think its right to judge or treat a person according to the things they did in the past. Just think what if everybody knew every bad thing you did in life and treated you accordingly.

  6. ohhh fkkn well im thinkin he should build a bridge and get over it. how in the hell did he end up being the victim? i mean i like him but i hate when these celebrities get their fealings all hurt while still gettin a paycheck. Economys fkkd up! you could stamp im a dumb bitch across my shirt for the right amount of money.

  7. i can see why Brown would be upset over the cover, especially with how Drake is advertised. i have to believe Vibe could have came better than this. but, hey, at least he's on the cover. publicity, still.