Monday, January 11, 2010

Im not a Kid anymore but some days I sit & Wish I was a Kid Again !

Im not going to go into all the things I miss or how I'd do just about anything to go back to 88 or 89 I was just 5 or 6 around that time, and the weight of the world hadn't hit me yet. My biggest fear was that Bloody Mary lived under my bed. My only responsibilities were homework, and looking after my lil bro. The only thing I had to worry about was getting through the day without gettin a whipping. Sigh ! Where did the time go ?
Wondering to myself when I lost my innocense. But enough of my rambling about time flying and getting older. Lets get to the good stuff shall we.

Kids can say and do the darndest things. Here are a few video's that I found of kids just being kids in the most innocent and purist forms.

This first video is of a baby rockin out to Beyonce's -Put a ring on it. Lol he danced through the whole video, needless to say this baby is either gonna be Super Gay or a ladies man. Either way he's gettin his groove on !

EMBED-Baby Dancing To Beyonce - Watch more free videos

This next video is of a little boy named David.He's High as a kite off meds. He just came from the dentist, and he's tryna put two and two together. LOL poor little guy.

This next baby is soooo cute, he's already learned how to use those facial expressions.

OMG this is the cutest. This baby was rolling around on the floor playing , and scared himself with his own Fart.

Little brothers can really be annoying pests. And little Charlie is living up to it.

What is your earliest childhood memory. Or what is your favorite memory of something you did as a kid?


  1. btw, your likely the most humbled experienced woman I know

  2. It's ironic but one of my earliest memories is singing Ahmad "Back in the Day" in the shower at like the age of four haha

  3. Love the song on your page. & I miss the kid days. The good ol' days. But hey, we all change. & The first video is funny. =]

  4. Damn it seems like every post you do is good. Never half assed. Anyway. This took me back, and brought me sooooo many memories. I hate to knock off what Rev-olution, but one of my fondest memories was singing Back in the Day, and wondering how things would be when I got older. I remember that day to a T we were driving home from a camping trip. I wanna be 12 again. lol just for a week. And thats the week when the 1st comes around.

  5. you have me sitting here rolling from watching these videos. i had never seen the Beyonce baby dancing video, but i had seen the Evil Eye video which is insanely funny cause the kid himself was tickled to death.

    but neither beat the last video. i have tears in my eyes from laughing so hard.

  6. I hear you! All the responsibility gets too much sometimes, but on the other hand you can do what ever you want (well almost lol)

  7. they said that childhood memories are the most vivid and colorful ones. i do love my childhood and the thing i like most is the feeling of "worry-free" and "stress-free" life.

    btw, cool blog, and thanks for dropping by at mine :)