Saturday, January 23, 2010

Days Like This

Stay strong, remember what your mission is, stay focused on your goals. Strive to be excellent at whatever you do even if times are not so. Keep positive people in your inner circle. Choose your battles wisely. These words are probaby more helpful to me then they are to you. Staying on the "right tracK" is becoming harder to do. Obstacles obstacles and more obstacles. No time to catch my breath , no time to come up for air. Tired, & exhausted. Enviorment shitty, people shitty. Manager's , Supervisors, Authorities bullshit ! Frustration was 8 months ago. Problems still exist. Frustrated no longer defines me. My envoirment does not define me. Wondering if justice will come if I become defiant ? Moma said there would be days like this but I aint never ever think it would be a day like this !Feelin the urge to get Kushed out. Mad because I know that when my high comes down, problem will still be there ! I honestly just wish I could go around blowing shit up like im a character from GTA. That would make me feel real good. But to my knowledge George W. Bush is the only one in America that gets away with that kinda stuff. Lol and I dont think people will allow me to do that same thing even if my reason are more valid then oil. Dont you just LOVE AMEREICA ? Ugh !

Even more frustrating all I could find was pictures of white frustarted men. Lol cant do nothin but laugh on this one. Nor could I find the Dirty version of Ludacris's "Slappin A Nigga Today" SMH !


  1. You should join a kick boxing club to put out the'll help!

    Daaayymn at the smackfest video!!! Harlem was not playing

  2. Lol Im coo now. Writing usually helps me. I felt much better after I posted the blog. Thanks. Yeah I saw this and I was rollin Harlem came with it.

  3. Crazy video. Harlem was slappin' the ish out of Jersey City. Especially after Jersey had gotten a good rip in on her. LOL.

    Obstacles obstacles and more obstacles. I know exactly what you mean. Too funny @ getting Kushed out. I feel you......