Sunday, January 17, 2010

Girl Spreads Aids To Over 100 ! A Hoax or Not ?

Wow when I first saw this video I couldnt figure out if it was real or fake. How could someone possibly go around knowingly infecting people with AIDs. It disgusted me, and then it scared me. Because it meant that if it was real that there were other people going around giving people this deadly disease without even knowing. If you have yet to see the video dont worry I have it here for you. Check it out !

Right so this video drove people crazy. People were blaming her for spreading this virus. Now my opinion was GOOD ! Whether she was infected or not it was going to teach people a valuable lesson. Should have taught people that the virus is real, and that they shouldnt be fuckin every Tom, Dick , and Harry.It should have made people want to be sure to use a condom while having sex everytime. And it should really have been a video to make people think.

So she ended up not even having AIDs. Her claim was a complete hoax.In other words not real, or fake. I figured it wasnt real when I went to the web site that was flashing on and off throughout the entire video. Come to find out the women who did this video is a porn star of some sort. Or let me say that she is affiliated with the porn industry. If you go to the web site you will see her.( She is the lead spokes person for that site. Apparently it was a stunt to get people to pay attention to the sex site.

THE PROPER WAY TO PUT A CONDOM ON A PENIS ! This wasn't the best example of how to use it, but I found it funny. So it won me over, and a place on my blog so here it is. NO EXCUSES ! USE A CONDOM ! OR DONT FUCK AT ALL !

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  1. I saw this video last week. I was like WTF .. has to be a fake. I'm glad it was a hoax. Karma will hit her hard for posting that video & faking about having Aids. I know two people who have Aids&Hiv & that shit is not thing to laugh about. I got tested last month so I know I'm clean.

  2. Yeah imma taurus & Nah I'm not picky at all. & No problem girl. I like yah blog.

  3. damn, that would've been messed up if it was for real! And I agree with you, this is gonna teach the mofos who don't protect themselves

  4. omg that was reallt messed up, I get it that she was trying to teach people a leason but still... Omg..
    btw thanks for commenting and following

  5. this is one educational post. hope it reaches those who need to know more about the subject. cool blog btw.