Tuesday, January 26, 2010

Grammy Nominated Spitfiya is on the Rise !

Christopher (Spitfiya) Lanier

After many years of working diligently, he proves that he has the tenacity to break down barriers. His journey began in Compton, California. Spitfiya started entering local contest that eventually landed him on a Los Angeles radio station Power 106, in a rap competition called Roll-Call. The show was broadcast live every week. Because he was undefeated, Spitfiya was eventually retired from the show.

Years later, he was invited to appear on the syndicated radio program The Wake Up Show. Spitfiya faced off with some of the most lyrically talented rappers in the country. This created a huge buzz in the music industry and he started receiving contracts from local record labels.
After declining various offers, he received a call he couldn't refuse. Mega rapper Eminem and his manager Paul Rosenberg asked Spitfiya to do a new reality show called The Next episode on the Showtime television network .

Spitfiya's managers knew that this would give him the world wide exposure they were looking for. So, Spitfiya signed on to do one season. After meeting with executive producers of the show, they decided that Spitfiya would be the face for the marketing campaign, along with 50 Cent, Eminem, and Russell Simmons. Two months later Spitfiya's image was catapulted across the world in print ads, commercials, posters and billboards on Sunset and Time-Square.

The show became a huge success, giving Showtime, the highest ratings in the networks history. When the Show ended that season, Spitfiya was a house hold name in the hip-hop community.Later that year, Spit signed a deal with rapper Eminem on Shady/ Interscope Records. He recorded his first commercial release on the Barber Shop 2 sound track. Spitfiya teamed up with R&B singer Anthony Hamilton and created the hit song Make It Home. The song received rave reviews.After one year on Shady Records Maloof/Interscope music, bought his contract. Spitfiya started recording his Album Soul Of A Hustler with mega producers Pollo Da Don, W.I.L.L.I.A.M and Timbaland. After a sluggish two years and creative differences, Spitfiya and his manager Junebug agreed it was time for him to pursue other opportunities. Spitfiya and Interscope attorneys came to an agreement and he was given a release in 2008.

Spitfiya has loads of music in his vault. So many that I had a hard time choosing which songs to pick. When you have that many songs to choose from it's evident that my boy is puttin in work.
Here is a song called "Taxi" BY : Spitfiya-Featuring Jaimie Fox. This shit right here ,No THIS SHIT RIGHT HERE ! Is ma Muthafuckin song. Listen to thee words.

Timerberland-Featuring Spitfiya "Hit You With No Delaying" This song is not yet finished it was something that Spitfiya was working on , but it go leaked.

Currently, he is writing songs for various artists. He will receive his first platinum plaque for international sales of more than 1,000,000 copies for Atlantic Records recording artist Flo Rida.Due to Spitfiya's drive and motivation, he faces a life time of unending possibilities.

I have personally known Spitfiya since we were in grade school. We also went to high school together. So I speak the truth when I say I know this guy. He's sweet ,intellegent, charismatic,and has talent beyond measure. He works hard, and as the years have passed I've watched him blossom and grow. His lyrical style is unlike no other. He can attack you fast or slow. Not only is he artisticlly brilliant at rapping , but he puts in the same amount of work when writing with artists.

Spitfiya's Upcoming Project's:

Boy in the Hood #2 ,
Grammy nomimation, for co-producing on Florida's album
He's doing both Flo-Ridas & Big Kuntry Kane's album
Recently he's worked with B.o.B, Lloyd ,Flo-rida, Sean Kingston Jay Rock,Y.G. G.malone

Chris I wish you nothing but good health, a steady brain, and much success. If you wanna personally get at him please use the following contacts.>

Twitter Him-Twitter@spitfiyafans
Production Team- http://bulletsproductionteam.com


  1. Whoa ! Im diggin this dude's style. That 1 he did with Jaime is nice. He's doin his thing. Nice post.

  2. He reminds me of Twista with a lil' twist. I like the way he rhymes.

  3. Spitfiya definitely has talent and in this day and time it's rare to find talent alongside mass marketing. I look forward to hearing more from him. I wouldn't have heard of his music hadn't it not been for your post.

    So, thanks.

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