Sunday, January 3, 2010

Mr. Bizness - Avi Cohen (LA SPOTLIGHT ) !

                                              Avi Cohen

I first met Avi about a year ago. I was attending the Theatre Academy at LACC, and we ended up being in the same Theatre class. He would always come in with his motorcycle helmet in hand ,and lugging this huge black backpack. Avi stood out to me because he would have snappy jokes about how boring the class was (people literally fell asleep in that class drool and all), he was sometimes the reason why I was even able to stay awake in that dreadful class.

Avi's talents go far beyond helping people stay awake. His work is creative, fresh ,and eye catching. This 29 year old Los Angeles based Cinematographer has been shooting music videos, commercials, shorts, corporate ,and industrial spots professionally for over two years now.

Cohen is intensely meticulous when it comes to detail, and wears his heart on his sleeve. He feels that whether a project is low budget or high-end production, it deserves a professional picture. And he without a doubt brings that state of mind to every project he works on.I had the hardest time choosing which work of his that I wanted to display. It was difficult because they were all equally original ,and bright. Below is another one of his many projects.

Avi Cohen can be found on just about any social network you can think of. He has over 1000 views on his video's alone. If you would like to see more of his work you can find it at And with that said I will leave you with a video,directed by Scott Green of Splurj in the UK. Avi filmed Brook Yung. 'The Love of My Life' appears tenth on the track listing of hip hop jazzers Us3s seventh album 'Stop.Think.Run' and this is the latest video for Us3, featuring Ayesha Varnnard and Brook Yung.



  1. Nice really nice, well done article I like the Us3 video. This guy has a great eye. I would love to see some short films or more music videos of his.

  2. Man! Dude is nice, makes me want to step my game up sumthing nasty! Thanks Kay for letting me know about this guy and for the nice blog post!

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    Hope to see ya there!

  4. Nice blog...come check me out and follow my blog

  5. Damn! This is so dope! I definitely have to check out more of his stuff. Thanks for posting this!

  6. this dude looks mad talented... amazin shit!

  7. Dudes shit is pretty tight , im diggin that video he did, post some more of his stuff. I liked the painter one and the video love of my life, that was pretty original kinda had a old school flavor to it.

  8. Update, is my new site :)