Friday, January 15, 2010

Mystikal Released from Jail ,Hear his first Interview !

Hip Hop artist Mystikal is finally out of prison. His set date of release was officially supposed to be January 14th 2010, but there is some speculation about when he actually was released. Sources say that he was released on January 4th ten days before his set date. This is not a hoax yall Mystikal is out of jail, after serving a six year sentence. He had been convicted of sexual assault and extortion of his hairstylist.His personal bodyguards had also been convicted along with him.

The two bodyguards had allegedly recorded the video of the sexual act against the hairstylist. Initially, Mystikal had denied all the allegations of the assault and extortion, but lost his chance once the tape had been discovered  from his own residence. 

Mystikal was mostly known as one of the top selling rappers on Master P's "No Limit" record label.Mystikal quickly evolved and found himself one of the Dirty South's most recognized rappers, alongside Juvenile. Like "No Limit", Mystikal is also a New Orleans native. He released a single debut on the independent label Big Boy in 1995. It earned the attention of Jive Records, who signed him later that year. His official, major-label debut, Mind of Mystikal, was released in 1996 and became a huge hit in Hip Hop underground world.

He then hooked up with Master P and No Limit,the union produced Unpredictable,which was released in the fall of 1997.Ghetto Fabulous followed in early 1999, falling just short of debuting at #1 on the charts. Mystikal wasted no time in issuing a follow-up album, Let's Get Ready appeared in the fall of 2000, eclipsing his preceding releases in sales, as expected. "Shake Ya Ass" was his lead single, and that song was everywhere. In 2001, Mystikal's bombastic rap stylings came together for a fifth album, Tarantula. "Bouncin' Back (Bumpin' Me Against the Wall)" was one of 2002's hottest singles. The next year Mystikal got two Grammy nods for Best Male Rap Solo Performance and Best Rap Album. The Prince of the South dropped in 2004 with the new single "Oochie Pop." And after that Im sure you guys know how the rest of the story goes.

Here is Mystikal himself giving his first interview since he was released from prison . The first minute or so is kinda annoying only because the guy that did the interview was riding his dick too much. Lol , but we will get to that later . Enjoy !


  1. Damn i ain't kno Mystikal was in all that trouble.Dats still bruh doe...still love him

  2. What I truly love about your blog is the element of journalism that you bring to the table.

    Damn, six years is a long time to be hid away in prison, especially when he was a major rap artist. I wonder if he still has the rhyme skills?

    I heard where he spoke of writing while behind bars....that speaks of FIYAH.

    Shaq is real. I like where Mystikal spoke of the effect Barack Obama had upon him in jail.

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  4. Ayyyyeeee!! I can't wait to hear what Mystikal has in store for 2010!