Sunday, March 28, 2010

Long Beach Step Show 2010

Had a great time at the 20th annual Long Beach Step Show. Thanks to everyone for all the love they showed Kay-Tv , hope you all enjoy it as much as I did. They wouldnt allow people in to record so shhhh. And that also explains the quality of the video. Sorry guys. Hopefully next year I will get an invite & I can record from a better angle. The wait is Ova ! Shot out to Delta Sigma Theta winners of the Step Show!


  1. Damn how did I miss this ? That shit look like it was over crackin. When is the next one? Make sure you keep me posted cause I gotta be in that bitch. My friend was tellin me that she went,and they shut it down. Good post though. So mad at myself for missing it, but I guess the videos will hold me over till the next one.

  2. Real dope. I wanna start a fraternity for people like me. I'm thinkin' Drink Phi Smoke, LMAO. Good stuff.

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