Sunday, April 4, 2010

Makes you think twice, bout that "Bitch" !

On a different tip. Honestly this post was going to be some bullshit, just to fill up space. I found some funny stuff on youtube , and I was gonna post it, and give my 2cent like I normally do. Then I ran across this sista. MzSkribble. Her words captivated me from the very start, and the more she spoke, the more I felt that I wasnt alone. For so long I have been surrounded by some of the same situations that she speaks on, and often wondered if there was anyone who saw it from my point of view. MzSkribble tells a story that some of us know too well. She keeps it real,and holds nothing back. Her words are direct,and definatley on point. The girl has skills. My words cant describe just how powerful she is so I'm going to let you see exactly what im talkin about. For some of yall this may be a bit to heavy. For those that think for themselves this may just open your eyes on a few things. Enjoy !

MzSkribble on YouTube
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  1. Man this is deep. She hit some point that really hit me. Like sometimes I even catch myself doing some of these things. This really made me rethink some things. Excellent post. Dead on !

  2. I love it''s like hearing a female version of myself. She is definetly on point. The world is corrupted. If you are wit the majority then you are more than likely wrong. It feels good to hear someone who feel the same way about things that I speak about. Great Post Ms. Kay I love the diversity in your post. Good shit !

  3. i absolutely love her!!!! she made me feel like she jumped out of my head. Loved this sis. - Pro

  4. Amazing... she saids it all <3 ... following you back!!

  5. I don't know who you are sistah... but, I'd like to thank you from the bottom of my heart for sharing this.

    I appreciate this sentiment... more than you realize.
    Love and Light,

    -Mz. Skribble