Friday, May 28, 2010

Hollywood Wrap

Omg im diggin Janet Jacksons new look. And she couldnt be more fabulous.She rocked the crowd Wednesday night with her stunning performance on the seasons final episode of American Idol. Freakin HOT ! Ms.Jackson Get it Ms.Thang ! See her amazing performance below. Oh , and feel free to skip past the corny kids singing in the begining to get to the real show.

In other news Alicia Keys & Swizz Beats are expecting their first child together ,after dating since Fall 08 these two seem to be a HOT item. Not only is there a baby in the oven, but they are also engaged.I must say that this isnt a shocker to me, yet its very disturbing. We can only hope that the baby doesnt obtain Swizz's signature nose. SMH ! Hope this works for ya girl & I hope he makes ya happy ! This will be the first marriage for Keys. Beatz, 31, has two sons Kasseem Jr. 3, and Prince Nasir, 9 from previous relationships.

WTF is goin on 50? Wow are you okay buddy? These pictures of 50 cent have been circulating through the internet of 50 cent , and his drastic weight loss. Rumors claim that he's lost all of this weight in preparation to play a cancer patient in a movie "Things Fall Apart". People have been saying that these pictures are fake , and he doesn't really look that bad. Idk yall. but imma let yall decide for yourself. In a recent interview 50 revealved this "It's myself, Mario Van Peebles, Ray Liotta, Lynn Whitfield, and it's a project that I wrote, produced and financed myself," he said of the film. "It's about a Heisman hopeful who could possibly be going to the league and everyone is assuming he's gonna make it, and then he's hit with an illness. I had a friend of mine who actually experienced cancer, and it's what motivated me to write this screenplay. You don't have to make everything personal, but that project was. That's why I committed to playing a role where I lost 54 pounds. I had to discipline myself enough until I achieved it but ... I got it."

Indeed you did get it lol. Wow I dont know if this is a smart move. I dont know that people will run out to see this other then to see 50 look like a AIDS patient. Get Rich or Die Tryin didnt do all that great in the box office. People arent even feelin him like that. This was a bold move, that clearly shows that he's literally screaming for attention. Cd's sho aint doin shit. Yayo and Lloyd Banks are free agents. LMAO aint nobody fuckin with 50. If anything he's a huge joke.

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