Tuesday, August 17, 2010

Dr.DRE Detox Leak

This is the NEW Detox Leak from Dr.Dre not sure if im feelin this yall , I wanna know whats yalls opinion on this song. Im hoping this is like a intro to like a 5 minute head banger or somethin. SMH seriously not sure about this though. Vote if you feelin it or not below the track.

Dr. Dre - Turn Me On
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1 comment:

  1. This latest leak sounds horrible just like the last one. Why do they keep leaking tracks that are still under construction for an album that is so heavily anticipated?

    I'm sure Dre is under pressure putting out Detox. The music game has changed since his last release. And if this album is whack, it will put a blemish on his legendary track record.

    I love Dre but this waiting game is becoming ridiculous, along with Lauryn Hill and D'Angelo. The pressure is on!