Tuesday, August 3, 2010

Kim Kardashian at Cowboys Training Camp

It's no big secret that Kim Kardashian is dating NFL Dallas Cowboys player Miles Austin. She seems to really have a "thing" for professional athletes. I aint saying she's a "Gold Digger".....eh you know how the song goes.Training for the upcoming season has just begun for all of the NFL teams. Long training ,and hectic schedules has left less time for the new couple . So Kim took matters into her own hands , and rides in on her pink pony to go visit her man. Geez girl give the man some room to breathe, lol he's tryna win a superbowl here. But then again it may be a good thing for Cowboy fans. Lol Reggie did win a ring while with Kimmy.
The media hungry Kim was recently seen watching her new boy toy at practice while chatting it up wih Tony Romo's girlfriend Candice Crawford. The two watched from a private suit while their men ran around the field actually "working". Im sure this relationship wont last too long. If it does congrads girl you snagged another one. If not, cant say I didnt tell ya so. Hmmm I wonder who she's scouting next?

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  1. Miles is just anotha dumb ass athlete with his nose open. Somebody get these guys some ass before they turn pro....they act like they don't know what to do if they see an attractive women.