Sunday, August 1, 2010

Thanks Fam !

I want to take this time to thank several people that have been patient ,supportive, and helpful in the process of the new site being refurbished. First off to the readers. There WILL be new updated stories , and articles on your favorite celebs & underground artist soon. Please understand that it takes time and special attention to detail when it comes to organizing a site. Im doing it all be my lonesome. Lol may add web design to my list. Anywho moving right along.

Shot out @25Champ an old faithful reader since the begining twitter followers please make sure you visit his blog 25Champs Blog . Next up is my boy @Reelifetv we went to school together , worked on a few projects he's the busisness when it comes to directing shorts videos and all of thee above check out Reelifetv's work . Then I have my boy @Keepsit100 we go way back from the block reppin CPT ya digg, Twitter followers follow him he's a good look Keepsit100.

Then Imma need yall to look out for my peeps @NikkiMcKnight she's blazin in the underground Hip Hop world takin her stand check her out she's gonna be featured here soon as the site is done NikkiMcKnight. After you done hittin that up make sure go go pay my boy LBCJRAV a visit he's holdin it down in Long Beach doin his thang. He's also gonne be featured on the Hip Hop Underground when construction is complete. Up next is Exzist he's been followin the blog from day one also. Please make sure you stop by and show him love. Then we have Alibusta he's a faithful member & always gives good feedback. Show him luv as well. Check out ComptonsDoubleP he's old school lol an old Myspace buddy, now we upgraded to Twitter follow him. He's not a member of the blog just yet , but im sure he's on the way,see his video's in Hip Hop Underground & also read the the article I wrote in him in the "Previous Article" section.

I have soo many people that I may forget a few of you. No worries. Step ya game up. Come visit ya girl leave a comment send a friend, stand out in a special way that may make me wanna give you some special attention ;  ) Lol get your minds outta the gutter. Next I need you guys to look out for Yungdolemite another up coming artist that should be featured once everything is good. Check him out. Then go see Ibrueklyn another member that has been here since day one. He gives me love and major support. Though I havent heard from him in a while. Where you at Bruh?....see all the change ,see what you miss when you stay away so long? Then fellas and ladies if you into that goo follow Misz_Gii a faithful member an active twitter follower, lol waitin on that Victoria Secret hook up babes. She gives me RT luv , and she's an all around supporter show he luv.

Oh wow next is MrReggie comin from the big TX, state is ma boy. He's a member of my blog the youtube channel , and he follows me on Twitter. The man knows talent when he see's it lol ... naw but check him he's a good look & very supportive. Then go follow Missseptamber she follows the blog , and me on twitter she shows love show her some back. This guy has been a member of my blog since day one IamRichTaylor and still is an active member thanks for the luv. Next also from TX is GoDjA1 member and follower. Show him love. Then please go and show Quintescence some love. She's not followin the blog yet but im sure she's on the way... You can see some of her video's in Hip Hop Underground. Her lyrics are buzzin through the streets. I dig what she represents. Show her mad luv & support.

Last few to wrap all this shit up is Solotis he's a member of the blog, youtube channel , and follows me on Twitter can you say supportive? Show him love. Then see KeithPhelps he's an old school member that shouldnt stay away so long. Shot out to Keith go show him some love yall. Check out KapitalJ not sure if he's a member of the blog but im sure he will let me know after this. Anyhow follow him on twitter , and check out his videos in Hip Hop Underground . Mad I missed out on that video shoot lol.

If you follow any of my people tell em @MsKayz sent you. For more info on any specific artist drop me a line I will be sure to give you a follow up on their up coming projects.


  1. Thank you for the shout out! much love

  2. Thanks 4 the luv as usual :). Lookn 4wd to ur new site. 1