Monday, September 20, 2010

Your Time To Shine

Be in the next Hip Hop Swagga video. We will do a new video every month, to allow everyone the opportunity to "Shine" It's really simple.You dont have to be a rapper or model just as long as you are a member of the site you are in. All you have to do is e-mail us a picture of yourself holding up a sign reading , You can add your name and where you are from  to the photo,but thats optional. You can also send in short video's (no longer then 30 sec) letting us know what you like about the site. If you are an artist of some sort feel free to plug any of your current or upcomming projects.Be creative in your video have fun with it show is how you "Swagg It Out". The deadline for all photo & video entries is at the end of each month 30th or 31st pending the month. Example: If you get your video in by October 31st your video or pic will be in the November issue. Send all entries to MsKay or send them to AC Subject Title all e-mails "My Time To Shine"

Sample video done by Big Faces Ent 

Note: Slots for the video will fill up quickly so be sure to get you photo's or video's in early if you want to see your entry in the video.


  1. Check out "No Gravity (snippet)" by Chako™ Aka Mr Fulton << #teamfollowback #tfb

  2. NEW! "Workin feat. Lok (screwed!)" by Chako™ Aka Mr Fulton #teamfollowback