Thursday, March 31, 2011

Epic Twelve

16 year old Epic Twelve is certainly raising eyebrows with his DJ skills , and his mixes on the ones & two's. Los Angeles, CA is his hometown , but he is definitely making his mark all over. He had a guest DJ spot on Power 106 recently,but he is mostly known for keeping the rave crowds rockin . He's also set to do a five week tour with Cody Simpson & Greyson Chance next month. Before Epic Twelve leaves for his tour we got a chance to find out a bit more about him .

Q: When did you first begin to DJ, and why ?
A: I was 12 years old, so basically whenever I used to go to parties I would see Dj's which always really interested me, one day I walked up to one of those DJ's and asked him where I could learn and I thought his set up looked like a spaceship, which I thought was ill. I've been rocking with it since.

Q:Who are some of your favorite artist?
A:It's hard to narrow it down! I'm in to all kinds of music, and I always have an open ear to everything new coming on the scene.

Q:What was it like to DJ on Power 106
A:It was EPIC!!!!!

Q:What shows or events do you have coming up?
A:I'm actually going on tour with Cody Simpson and Greyson Chance starting April 9th! I'll be going all across the U.S. for five weeks with them, I also have some shows coming up with just me in Denver, CO and Texas.

Q:Whats the most exciting thing that's happen for you, or to you?
A:Signing my management deal with Skee.TV is definitely a highlight, and really every time I'm rocking a show or club is a great experience.

Q:Where do you see yourself in 5 years?
A: I see myself doing a lot of original production, a lot like a David Guetta, or DJ A-Trak. Working my way into radio music. I'll also just be turning 21, so I might enjoy myself a little, haha.

Q:When did you DJ your first Rave , and how was the experience?
A:When I first started DJing I started doing a lot of house parties, from there I've DJ'd at some of the hottest clubs in Hollywood, "Kress Nightclub", "Playhouse Nightclub" et cetera. I'm now trying to really get down on a lot of festivals.

Q:Where can we hear more of your mixes ?
A:You gotta go to my shows!! Also you can check with me here: Sound Cloud FaceBook Twitter I'll also have a store on there where you can get apparel and exclusive music!

Q:Any shotouts you want to give ?
A:Shout out to everyone that has helped me along the way, & HIPHOPSWAGGA.COM! I love you guys!

Power 106 Radio Demo Mix by EpicTwelve

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  1. Greyson Chance was SO COOL when he stopped by to hang w/ my station in Philly, watch it here On Demand at -