Thursday, March 31, 2011

Marques Houston Ft Immature- Ghetto Angel

Is Immature really trying to make a come back ? What do you guys think do you want to see more from them? Leave you comments below.

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  1. this is what i posted on my updates about this: I guess someone was feeling nostalgic or charitable. Song sounds good, but i mean Marques has been making good music for years without these other two. Romeo still can’t rap well…at all… and looks like a 30 yr old man who’s life has been REALLY hard (which wouldn’t matter of course if he were delivering BARS). And LDB … how would that work now anyway? Is he just DB now (little drummer boy vs drummer boy)? eh…that’s really of no consequence, because he’s still useless to the group. I mean wtf is his role? Anyway, here’s the video for “Ghetto Angel” by Marques Houston featuring Immature …

    featuring Immature? So are LDB/DB/NiggaWithNoPurpose and Romeo/YoungRome/Rome Immature now? wtf…