Wednesday, May 11, 2011

Soulja Boy - Juice

The film, Juice, was created in 1992, featuring the deceased legendary rapper, Tupac Shakur, in the lead role as Bishop. The 20-year-old Atlanta rapper, Soulja Boy, is attempting to remake the hip-hop movie, starring as Bishop. Tupac was acclaimed for his role in the original Ernest Dickerson film, although critics are skeptical about the southern remake which is in the works. However, Soulja Boy is confident about the remake and does not plan to stray from the original plot. Waka Flocka Flame was recently cast to play a crew member in Bishop's entourage.

WTF Soulja Boy who told you to go and fuck up a classic. You must have just saw the movie a few months ago , and said ahhh Im gonna remake juice. Just cause you have the haircut it doesn't mean you will in any way make a movie better or equally as good as the original "Juice".

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