Monday, September 19, 2011

Ray J Fight With Fabolous

Ray J speaks to the Breakfast Club , and says he's gonna make Fab apologize to him live on air.  Listen to his live interview.


  1. This nigga Ray J is Gay as fuck not only did he admit to how he kick it with fags but he said he gone have them stick it in fabs booty. What man says that? Nasty dude come on now !

  2. Lmfao wtf wow Ray J Lay off the Boo's man . You 30 years old G . What you doin dog? I need you to get that shit under control. And stop talkin like you hard my nig. Goons ? For real you from Carson thats the weenie part of LA. Nothin but nice houses and clean streets over there no poverty no gangs. Where the goons come from? Cut it out bro.