Tuesday, October 4, 2011

2 Pac Sex Tape

2 Pac may not be with us in the present , but he is still here like he never left us. A new sex tape of 2 Pac has apparently surfaced, and everyone is trying to grab a peek. Seems as though 2 Pac is BACK !
Two rival porn companies are engaging in a crazy bidding war to get their hands on this sex tape which features deceased rapper 2 Pac.According to TMZ, the tape, which was shot in 1991, and is currently being fought over by two companies, with $150,000 already offered for it.

Despite having never seen the tape  Corey Price from YouPorn has made an official offer of $150,000 for the tape . The other company remains unnamed, but is reportedly willing to pay more on the condition that they see the tape first.

The owner of the tape has allegedly said that they consider the offer of $150,000 to be much too low and is willing to hold out for much more.

The tape features Tupac walking into a room with his pants down to his ankles and pulling an unnamed women toward him, who then begins performing oral sex. While this happens, an unreleased Tupac tracks plays in the background, with the rapper singing along and dancing.

The rapper, who is apparently shown holding a cocktail in one hand and a joint in the other, is then embraced by rapper Money B from Digital Underground and puts his arm around him, while the woman continues to perform oral sex. As the tape ends, it looks as if Tupac is ready to continue, hinting that there may be another tape in circulation too.

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