Monday, February 6, 2012

Half Time Show Super Bowl 2012 Whats Your Take ?

Did you see the halftime show this year ? Who's idea was it to have Madonna perform . Shes older then the actual Super Bowl itself. Wacthing it was like being stuck at home with my aunt watching reruns of "Golden Girls" WTF. Madonna halfway moved she stood around & watched everyone else dance, but what else can you do at 53? LMFAO could have stayed at home they had a 30 second spot. The most entertaining part was when Nicki Minaj & Mia performed. Mia gave the Camera the finger and main stream America went APES ! Cee Lo Green bought a little soul to the situation but he still looked like a sparkly turtle. Whats your take on this whole mess ? If you missed it the full show is below.

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