Tuesday, February 14, 2012

The Insider On Oktayne

Northern California's very own Oktayne makin noise in the streets, and his music can definitely back it up. He's climbed the charts almost over night and is #34 on the ReverbNation Hip Hop charts for Bay Area. Recently we got a chance to get the insider on Oktayne , and his projects. Check out his interview below :

Q:What made you get started with Rap ?

A:There were many things that made me get started with rap, but let me give a highlight I never mentioned to me. I found a tape my brother had made with a song. I heard that track I really I wanted to pick up the mic. I went to my consumer based yahama keyboard and I bussed a rhyme to some loops. As i was doing that my brother walked in on me. I been rapping ever since that day,

Q:Who is your favorite Rapper to listen to & why ?

A:I would have to say Curren$Y because his music matches my personality a lil.

Q:What is the inspiration behind your music ?                         

A:Beautiful down to earth women, my life and current events
Q:How would you describe yourself or style of Rap?

A:The soundtrack to getting to know a good woman.

Q:Tell us about any upcoming, shows or events that you may have?

A:Honesly I don't have any events coming up because I been concerned with some family type things. My family come first but I'm in training as a club promoter so events will appear soon.

Q:What albums or mixtapes do you have out , and tell us what we can expect to hear from them?

A:I have an old album out called Self-Explanations. You can find a nicely produced project that sounds like it has a southern vibe mixed with Oktayne. The newer project is super different the sound isn't like what's out there but there is some industry standard tracks on there. That one is called Feature Presentation.

A:If you had to describe yourself In 5 words , what would it be ?

Q:A young humble and creative guy.

Q:Tell us one thing that nobody knows about you ?

A:I used to write novels for fun.

Q:What are your hobbies other then writing or recording music ?

A:Editing on Final Cut. I do that for fun, I'm trying to do something with that.

Q:Have you noticed a change in Hip Hop ? If So, what is that change , and do you agree or disagree with the change ?

A: Another one happen and now everybody is a swag rapper. I disagree because swag is not a right, it's something you have or you don't. It's like getting a woman, if she wants you, she wants you. If she doesn't well then damn she doesn't. haha.

Q:What is your goal for 2012 as an artist?

A:To make sure people know what I have to offer as an artist.

For those that don't know where can they find or download your music ?

A: You can go to Oktayne.com or Facebook

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