Wednesday, February 15, 2012

Whitneys Reaction to MJ's Death How Ironic

How ironic is this ? Whitney Houston talks about how Michael Jackson's death had a huge influence on or life. Seems as though we are loosing a lot of our "History Making African Americans" to drugs. As sad as this story may be , we are sure that Whitney wont be the last . What society must realize is that we come down very hard on these celebs these days. Nothing that they do is private. We live in the new age of technology so news travels fast , and records become easier to obtain without purchase. The life of a superstar may not be all that its cracked up to be. You have to please your fans , records execs, media, then somewhere in between all that they must fine time for themselves , and family. We are not justifying drug addiction by any means. We are simply saying that the life of Hollywood can be fatal for the faint of heart .

In the picture above you see Whitney at Michael Jackson's Graduation. These two were friends for a long period of time. Its sad to see such great talent go so soon. Here is Janet Jackson as she looks back at her relationship with Whitney , and tells ET how Whitney's death is affecting her.

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