Thursday, December 3, 2015

Judge Denies Bobby Shmurda's Bail Release

Shmurda was in an NYC court Thursday in hopes of bonding out for $2 million, but the judge wasn't having it. His bail arrangement was changed, and now his legal team will have to go back to the drawing board.
The rapper's been in jail for almost a year now -- for conspiracy to commit murder -- and as he was walked into court he saw 4 family members and mouthed, "I love you guys." 
 Shmurda thought he'd bail out this week. The talk was that his attorneys put together a "bulletproof" plan, including collateral property from family members. That looks like it all took a quick turn to the left. Bobby is still locked up & doesn't seem to be going anywhere anytime soon.
It's reported that Bobby's next court date is next month some time.

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