Wednesday, March 30, 2016

Brandy Sues Record Label for $1 Million

It's been about four years since R&B sensation Brandy Norwood has released a new album. Though she's been working on other business ventures like tv shows, Broadway, and more, it seems the singer is ready to come clean about what's been holding up an album release. 
Tuesday Brandy sued her record label for $1 million stating that she refuses to release an album under a contract that would allow Chameleon Entertainment to double dip at her expenses. She recently has filed a suit against Chameleon and the owner Breyon Prescott. Prescott is trying to get her to sign to Epic while also releasing her album through Chameleon, which would give him twice the profit. 
It looks as if Chameleon is obligated to release her albums, but they refuse to do so until she signs with Epic. Brandy is suing for compensatory damages, plus punitive damages, for international interference with contract, interference with business relations, and business law violations. 

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